Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Post One of Many and Many and Many...and Many

So, "I'ma postin'!" as the cool young hicks might say. I really just wanted to start this blog because of this great title I came up with, but I didn't want to disturb my current site. I mean, who knows what silent audience already follows?

Really...who knows? Cause I don't.

Okay, so I thought that if I could link to a lot of really intellectual, reflective and humorous sites, then I, by association, would seem the same.


Smartlink numero one: http://tween2worlds.blogspot.com

This is serious stuff. Very profound and I imagine conversations with this gentleman would make me feel stupid.

Thus, I will not initiate a convo, but offer a chance for others to ponder their own ignorance or non-chalance regarding really important things that affect us all.

Feel free to return here to wallow in the realization that there's more to life, and that we're not yet motivated enough to actively pursue it.


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