Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Post two many...

Well, well, the midst of the many fantasy football blogs I've found a wittle gem for wannabe web gurus.

Or, at least for those interested in resources that will help make their simple websites a little more dazzling for the few who remain unfamiliar with html (or is it xml?) coding:

To the author of WUR: You're so smaaarht.

One day, when I'm expert enought in something to devote a blog to it, I won't. Because then you'll know what I know, thus reducing my marketability. duh.


Anonymous WEBster. said...

My kind of blog.

Where you been all my life, beautiful?

Thu Aug 18, 01:14:00 PM PDT

Blogger anna nimus said...

<'start html'>

If I tell you <'start em'> I'll have to kill you <'end em'>.

<'start menacing laughter'>
<'end menacinig laughter'>

<'end html'>

Thu Aug 18, 01:20:00 PM PDT


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